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Veterinary products

The products presented on this website are available from veterinarians, horse shops, pharmacies and other selected shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. All products are possible in our e-shop.




Clever Fungus Ecosin

Pythium oligandrum in preparation helps in yeast infection and fungal infection.

Utilises mycoparasitism to destroy the filamentous micromycetes and fungus on the skin, coat and other areas i.e. hooves and claws.

Besides active mycoparasitism P. oligandrum produces enzymes-the enzymes create unsuitable environment that slows down or stalls bacterial growth, therefore having a bacteriostatic effect

Dermasin Oil is suitable for combining with veterinary product Ecosin.

Product intended for use on delicate skin prone to eczema and dryness. , Suitable treatment for sensitive, dry,  chapped skin

Preparation Pythie Dog paw balm solves a specific problem with paws affected with salt or frozen snow.

Pythie Dog balm is used to maintain the skin of the dog’s paws soft and supple.

In case of injury accelerates the healing proces.

Pythie Dog veterinary ointment is beneficial in the treatment of poorly healing surface wounds, minor skin and mucosal injuries, abrasions, insect stings, hard and scaly skin.

Thanks to its composition, it suppresses the growth of bacteria and molds, sooths the inflammatory reactions, suppresses the itching and smooths scars. It promotes the growth of hair and its recovery.

Pythium helps with:

Research utilising lab tests, assessment & evaluation, practical testing on patients in various hospitals, clinics and dermatological practices under the supervision of veterinarians and microbiologists has shown that P. oligandrum has significant positive results.

It has also been shown that no side effects have been recorded utilising P. oligandrum even in young, old or immunocompromised animals.

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