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BIOREPEL® is a unique biocidal product, can be used to prevent health hazards caused by moulds indoors.


is an active mycoparasitic microorganism supressing undesirable moulds.


Let‘s live healthy without moulds.

BIOREPEL® can help prevent moulds.

BIOREPEL®  is a new and unique biocide


BIOREPEL® can be used to prevent health hazards caused by moulds on residential premises. Fungi emit millions to billions of spores into the air, which may cause health problems – allergies, respiratory problems, eye inflammation, rashes. As they grow and due to their metabolism,fungi release ketones, aldehydes, ethers, and other substances, into their surroundings. These may be allergenic or may cause headaches, tiredness, bronchitis and other health problems. The specific composition of BIOREPEL® with the microorganism Pythium oligandrum kills unwanted fungi on the basis of interspecies parasitism and is able to eradicate even the "spawn" of fungi growing on top of plaster, inside plaster, but also underneath within masonry. After the fungi elimination, the biological process ceases. To apply on affected masonry, activate the product by mixing well with clean water. The time from activation to application to the masonry should not exceed two hours.



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For several months I was trying to get rid of mold in our family house. I tried many products, but without much success. Until I tried the Biorepel product. One application of this product was enough to resolve the problem!

- Monika Turková

I work in a cleaning company that requires the use of Biorepel spray. He's a great fighter with mold. As described in the dosage, only once is needed. We also use it in damp areas as a prevention. I highly recommend this spray to anyone who needs other inconveniences associated with mold.

- Jitka Valášková