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BIOREPEL is already authorized for sale in the Czech Republic (CZ-0017268-0000), in Slovakia (SK19-MRS-020), in Italy (IT/2020/00616/MRS), 
in Germany (DE-0023518-10), in the UK (UK-2020-1264)
 and in Lithuania (10-14 17.5E)BPR - 553 (A-10VAP853667-20-294) also in Latvia ( LV/2021/MR/021), Spain ( ES/MR(NA)-2021-10-00786).


1. Registration of active substance
Common name: Pythium oligandrum strain M1
Date of approval: 1 January 2016
Expiry date of approval: 31 December 2025
Product type / PT: 10 - Pythium oligandrum is approved according to the regulation (EU) 2015/1610, as active substance for biocidal use, Biocidal product type 10.
2. National and European registration
BIOREPEL® registrations in the EU are based on mutual recognition of product approval in the Czech Republic (license number CZ-0017268-0000), and this is currently in the form of loose powder (in a C/PE/PET sachets or in PVA water-soluble sachets) for non-professionals and professionals and in the form of a spray for only professionals.


The design and the packaging itself can be done according to customer needs.Type of sachets may vary depending  on registration.
Our product as a Mold Gobbler in Lithuania.


or you can use same design in different language.