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The product contains concentrated oospores and inert inorganic carrier – silicon dioxide
The product is a whitish water-dispersible powder and due to its microbiological composition it has a slightly fungi-like odour
BIOREPEL is already authorized for sale in the Czech Republic (license number CZ-0017268-0000), in Slovakia, in Italy, in Germany, in Lithuania, in Spain, in Latvia, 
in the UK (authorisation No: UK-2020-1264) 
Our biocidal preparation against moulds on walls / plasters is designed for both, the general public (non-professionals) and for industrial/professional use
(indoor use only)

industrial/professional use


Biorepel spray

Biorepel Spray  



BIOREPEL spray SET : this pack contains : spray + box with BIOREPEL® - sachets 1g+2g) Read the enclosed instructions before use.Keep out of reach of children.

Instructions for use - spray

Mold removal:
1) Unscrew the sprayer and add 450ml of drinking water to the bottle.
2) Replace the sprayer and shake well.
3) Use the sprayer to apply two-thirds of the product on the affected areas – hold the sprayer at a distance of 20 cm from the surface to be treated. 

4) Wipe the treated surface with dump sponge or cloth  after 20 minutes and leave for an hour to dry
5) After one hour of drying, spray the rest of the product on the treated area with an overlap of at least 15 centimeters from the original edge of the mold.

Preventive treatment against mold:
1) Unscrew the sprayer and add 450ml of drinking water to the bottle.
2) Screw in the sprayer, shake the contents.
3) Using the sprayer, apply a mist of the product on surfaces to prevent  future fungi growth. 

Caution - Save nature and keep the sprayer for new use.

Use the refills provided in the package for new use.

general public (non-professionals)


Biorepel bags  



BIOREPEL sachets: part of the BIOREPEL spray package. Read the enclosed instructions before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Instructions for use - Sachet

Mold removal:
1) Cleaning solution: Cut the 1g sachet where indicated and add lukewarm drinking water. Shake well and allow the content to activate for 5 minutes. Dilute the activated preparation with 10-20 l of water.
2) Wipe  the affected surfaces (dark blotches) using a sponge  or cloth and dispose of the remainder of the mixture.
3) Continue when the treated area dries off. 
4) Treatment: Cut the 2g sachet where indicated and add lukewarm water to the content. Shake the mixture well and let it activate for a minimum of 5 minutes. Dilute the activated preparation with 1.5 l of water.
5) Apply solution to the affected wall areas using a paint roller or brush, and make sure there is a  minimum overlap of about 5 cm.
6) Onc edry off, the treated surfaces can be coated with paint as long as it is not an antifungal paint.

Preventive treatment against mold:
1) Mix together the content of sachet 1g and 2g  and dilute the activated preparation with 10-15 l of water. Let it activate for 5 minutes.

2) The suspension is used for preventive treatment (coating) of 30 – 40 m2 of masonry

Preventive treatment in water-soluble coatings:
1) Cut the 2g sachet where indicated and add lukewarm  water to the content.  Shake well and let it activate for 5 minutes.
2) Mix the suspension with paint (the content of sachet 2g with 5kg of paint)

3)Apply to walls in a standard manner.


From this package of BIOREPEL (bags) you get:

10 liters of cleaning solution + 1.5 liters of active solution = 11.5 liters
The cleaning solution is sufficient for 10-12 m2 of infested masonry (plaster)

The active solution is sufficient for 7-9 m2 of infested masonry (plaster)
Active solution in color 30-40 m2 prevention

Prevention of masonry 60-70 m2

There is no need for a waiting delay after treatment. Observe hygiene practices during work, do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash your hands thoroughly after work.

Frequency of application: One application is sufficient to remove the undesired moulds as per the instructions for use. The protection period is dependent on the specific conditions of the application site. For the preventive purposes, one application is sufficient.


Caution: Do not dry remove mold before application to prevent mold spores from entering the air and contaminating other areas.

Due to the biological nature of the product, the manufacturer does not guarantee a systemic effect on atypical, unnaturally selected or genetically modified species of undesirable fungi on the walls.

Do not use any other anti-fungal wall care products for at least 14 days before application and for at least 14 days after application.

Do not use for areas used for growing mushrooms.

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature 15-25 ° C and relative humidity up to 40%. Store in the original, closed container. The diluted water-activated product can be stored for a maximum of 24 hours after dilution.

First aid:
In case of splashes: Wash with plenty of water. Use soap if necessary.

In case of eye contact:
Rinse immediately with plenty of drinking water.

In case of inhalation:
Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.

If swallowed:
Rinse mouth, do not induce vomiting.

When seeking medical advice, inform the doctor about the preparation you handled (have the package or the label ready with you) and about the first aid given.

Notes to Physician: No hazards that require special assistance. No adverse effects on human or animal health have been reported. No adverse or unexpected side effects have been reported.