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Plant protect

Polyversum Biogarden with the microorganism Pythium oligandrum. For everyone who wants to grow vegetables without chemicals.




The basic mechanism of action of the active ingredient Polyversum-Biogarden, ie the fungal microorganism Pythium oligandrum, is mycoparasitism. Pythium oligandrum attacks phytopathogenic fungi, enzymatically decomposes their mycelia and some reproductive organs (sclerotia) and uses the nutrients thus obtained for its own nutrition.

In addition to this main effect, Pythium oligandrum, in symbiosis with the root system of treated plants, produces the low molecular weight protein oligandrin, which passes through the root system into the plant.


More information

This natural substance induces natural resistance in plants to fungal diseases of the aboveground parts. This resistance is actively manifested - in particular by inhibiting the germination of the pathogen spores and suppressing the growth of its mycelium, as well as by densifying the cell walls of the treated plant.

Pythium oligandrum, by its presence in the root system of the treated plant, influences the production of plant hormones and thus stimulates the plant to grow better. This not only allows plants to overcome adverse environmental conditions, but also makes a significant contribution to increasing yields. Due to the biological principle of action, the product cannot be overdosed.